Gulu's Interview

Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, May 2000

"I Talk Bangla": Gulu Ezekiel
by Saifur Rehman

Gulu Ezekiel. A journalist from India. He has spent 18-odd years in his profession. Having worked with some of the top newsdailies and television channels, Gulu is currently with a portal. He's in Dhaka as a representative of At the press box, Gulu has won everybody over with his humour, childlike innocence and a down-to-earth persona. You can spot him almost every day - either lugging around his laptop, or else at the press box, filing away story after story. And on most days he usually turns up in a pink tee shirt - his favourite colour.
No, Gulu isn't a total stranger to us - thanks to Star TV's daily morning show 'Good Morning, India', for whom he anchored the sports section from March 1996 till even a few months back. Probably that's why Star hasn't let go of him completely - they've recruited him for freelance work even here.
You can see Gulu spending time sight seeing or chatting - with everyone: the spectators, the common man, the organisers or the sports minister even. Besides chatting up folks, Gulu's also taking snaps of some of Dhaka's modern and historic monuments, all of which have got fair airplay on Star.
"Oporajeyo Bangla" (Undefeatable Bangladesh), "Doyel Chottor", "Teen Netar Mazhar" (epitaph to the 3 leaders) have wowed him - as he himself confessed the other day at the press box. Finding him trying to pronounce the difficult Bangla words, I asked him if he knew the language. "I talk Bangla," Gulu replied.
Gulu's also penned a couple of books. And in one of his recent works, he's even promised us one every year. However, the ever-popular Gulu is still single. Having celebrated his 40th birthday along with the rest of his country on August 15, Gulu remains dead against at being labelled as a 'perennial bachelor'. By the way, a fellow journo from Delhi informed us that Gulu spends his entire paycheck on three things - food, books and music. Way to go, Gulu dude, way to go!

(Translated from the original Bangla report)