Australian High Commissioner Rob Laurie releading Great One-Day Internationals, with former India captain Bishan Singh Bedi

Great One-day Internationals
Orient Longman, Hyderabad
Released on April 24, 1999 at the India International Centre, New Delhi
128 pages. Illustrated. Rs 80.
Foreword by Madan Lal.

Select Reviews: "Handy little paperback examining 15 classic ODIs at some length"--Wisden Cricket Monthly, October, 1999.

"A good book to take away on holiday"--CMS Journal, September 1999.

"15 of the finest"--The Cricketer International, August, 1999.

"The first book to hit the stands in the year of the World Cup, it should attract the reader's mind towards the is a book worth buying"--The Hindu (May, 1999).

"The book is praiseworthy in that it helps the reader relive some of those (great) matches"--Hindustan Times (May 23, 1999)

"Most of them (the matches) are crackers worth storing in a collector's edition"--Times of India (May 17, 1999)