Icons from the World of Sports

Source: The Hindu: (http://www.hinduonnet.com/yw/2003/10/04/stories/2003100400770300.htm)

Stories of sporties


Do you know that it was Sachin's nanny who used to bowl the Little Master over? Get the book to read on other sports icons...

Master storyteller of sports...Gulu Ezekiel.

In a country that regales in its past and invariably deprecates its present, it is refreshing to see a book that tells the future about the icons of the day. Gulu Ezekiel's "Icons From The World Of Sports" published by Puffin Books is one such effort to apprise youngsters of what it takes to become an icon. The book sketches 10 sportspersons from different fields. So we have the stimulating Sachin Tendulkar, lovable Leander, dashing Dhanraj, gifted Gopichand, witty Vishwanathan Anand and express Narain Karthikeyan to inspire the young lot to make sports more than just a pastime. "The book is an effort to generate awareness among youth about sports. That is why the list has been consciously limited to the icons of the day to which youngsters can relate easily." But no athlete? "Yes, Anju George won the medal when the book was in print," answers the senior journalist. And two stars from tennis? "Well, Leander's exploits in singles have been highlighted but Mahesh's top ranking in doubles for a long period of time can't be ignored. So both find mention in the work."
The book moves beyond the statistics and gives little nuggets about the players as Sachin's "hero worship" of John McEnroe and that it was his nanny, who used to bowl the Little Master over and Narain's hard work outside the track in carving a niche in a sport that was not only new in India but expensive as well. Also Baichung's affability even after achieving superstar status and Mahesh's calculated reticence find mention in the book.
Gulu's citing that sports like weightlifting, which don't have mass following, don't figure in the list of scribes deserves praise. Only four journalists out of the 42 present in Sydney watched the historic feat of Karnam Malleswari.
Ask Gulu to choose his personal best out of the 10 and Gulu fails to put his scribe sense aside. "All are greats in their respective fields. It is like comparing apples and oranges."
Looking for inspiration? Go for an iconic one.

KNOW-WHO of 10 Icons from the World of Sport
The Hindu, India
"Icons from the World of Sport" by Gulu Ezekiel serves as an immediate filler of this gap, giving a brief sketch of the athletes and their achievements in fast ...